An expression that makes reference to nonsensical happenings
What hosh-posh is THIS?
by Radukio August 19, 2010
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an awesome alternative name for hoshua, a german name. these people are frendly, good looking, and sweet.
hoshua! can i call you hosh brown? its a way cooler name.
by bettrockislandkids July 16, 2011
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A sudden energy burst named after Hoshi of SEVENTEEN. Symptoms include running around, waking up at the "FIGHTING~" and being able to have 10:10 eyes.
DK: Fighting!
HS: NAEGA HOSH!! *running around, acting weird*
by Nomnomvroom April 9, 2017
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1. a substitute for whatever.

2. another word for average.

3. can be used to mean boring.

4. can be dismissive.

4. pretty much whatever you want it to be, it fits basically anywhere.
1. ~Why are you wearing a coat? It's supposed to get up to 80 degrees today!

~Hosh posh.

2. ~We could go to the mall or something!

~ Ehh. That's so hosh posh.

3. ~How was class today?

~Hosh posh.

4. ~Do you wanna hang out today?

~Hosh posh.
by yranoitcid_nabru January 21, 2011
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basikallly it means ravin
nah way i got mafs omework dats hosh
by star December 14, 2003
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You goon till you reach GOONVANA, a higher plane of existence. then you cut off your dick which enhances the post nut clarity so you have reached peak enlightenment
I was hoshing last night and my mind is so open right now
by Lebron James 3rd June 22, 2024
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A hot squash

A brilliant portmanteau of the words 'hot' and 'squash'.
You: It's so cold outside I need a hot drink but don't feel like a tea or coffee.
Me: Ah, sounds like you need a hosh.

Me: Ergh I don't feel well, I think I've got a cold.
Mum: I'll brew you a hosh and you'll feel better in no time!
by The portmanteau king January 6, 2023
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