Being able to do anything. If someone is The Hosh, there is nothing he can't do. Much like Chuck Norris (but a little bit less).
When asking for something and you don't get it, just say "The Hosh sent me" and they will give it to you straight away

"The Hosh has spoken" (referring to someone with "The Hosh"), means the words are definitive because they are his/her words!
by lolcatman January 13, 2010
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A Hoshe is a person who smokes copious amounts of bud, enjoys karaoke, and is mediocre at playing EA's FIFA 2013.

Can also describe a person who resembles Draco Malfoy.
Guy 1 "That stoner is shite at FIFA"
Guy 2 "Yeh, classic Hoshe."
by SpritleyParrot August 19, 2013
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"hosh" is a portmanteau of "Operable HaSH" refering to the computer science concept of a hash, specifically hashes which can be operated algebraically.
A hosh representing an image and a hosh representing the "contrast enhancement" transformation can be combined through an operation from group theory, resulting in a new hosh representing the resultinf image.
by math science February 7, 2023
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A fake swear word that you can use in place of any other swear word.
This is bullhosh!
by MikeTrout27 January 9, 2019
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Hashish, a brownish resin substance made from cannabis.
Hey, man, you wanna go score some hosh?
by the birds and trees August 26, 2006
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a washing machine gone crazy in da hood, a sweet device used for cleanin and dryin
a syberian huskey is hosh
by Misses December 9, 2005
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A person that never speaks in his own voice, but always tries to imitate celebrities (or non-celebs).
Dude, that guy's such a hosh - last week, he tries to do Viggo Mortensen.
by iluvatar December 18, 2003
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