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A person, frequently of the female persuation, who often seeks the cock.
by sallypothead December 17, 2003
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An attractive woman, with an unusually huge Ass
Harry: "Oh, look at the fun bags on that hose hound!" Lloyd: "I'd like to eat her liver with some fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti!"
by ForeignDude February 20, 2010
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A female always hounding around for some dudes hose. Usually a slutty woman seeking the company of a male with penis as the preferred payment method.
Trina is a hosehound, after I gave her some hose, she jumped on Jimmy's hose. But the fun bags on her made up for it.....
by Los cochinos July 05, 2016
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A really ugly, often fat woman who thinks wearing fishnet panyhose, vinyl miniskirt or whatever slutty outfit would make her pretty when in fact it just makes her look uglier and stupid.
"Oh man, what a fucking hosehound getting out of that car!"
by Joe July 27, 2003
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A slutty girl who gets sprayed in the face and always comes back for more.
Ross: Dude, i got with this chick last weekend as a joke and blew my load in her face as a joke, but she called me up again today.

Hari: Nice, make sure you get it in her eye this time and that Hose Hound wont be beggin anymore.
by Ross Love December 31, 2008
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