(Dick was going to throw darts at a bar and Channel got involved.)

Dick: I gotta throw.
Channel:. Hey Dick, put it right in the hole!
Dick:. Like the whole fist?
Channel:. No! Like shoulder deep!
Dick:. That might be too much!
Channel:. Nah! Your just horsing around!
by °Mz°Blondie° November 01, 2018
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1. To engage in pre-adolescent hijinks that generally annoy stodgy adults who were raised in a different time.
2. To ass-rape someone in the shower.
"Why is everybody so upest with what Jerry did, all i heard he did was horse around with some kids at camp?"

"Yes, but the bad kind of horsing around."

"Oh, Jesus."
by martin grammatica November 17, 2011
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1) Raping a boy in a public shower (usually a university).

2) What Jerry Sandusky did to young boys.
I totally horsed around with Joe's kid last weekend.
by dipiddy November 15, 2011
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The act of A woman who having sex with a horse in the back of a double wide trailer while 4-6 pigs have a orgy in the corner and the farmer is jerking with mayo as lubricant to his penis while the chickens watch. The horse then becomes very erect and comes in the woman, she can not take this special pain and has to go to the hospital afterward and the doctor has to fist the woman to save her life while the nurse has and orgy with the woman's family
Mother thought I was at mass, but I was really out horseing around
by John Gatsby February 27, 2017
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