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A weird guy named Jean in the Survey Corps. He is a horse. Not literally, he just looks like one.
Armin: "Jean died last night."
Eren: "WOOHOO HORSE FACE IS DEAD" (this did not actually happen)
by Pawleene Pinkieshy September 08, 2015
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A person with a long face, large teeth, a gaping mouth, and other horse-like facial characteristics.
My first girlfriend, aka horseface, was so lame. High School sucked.
by Adnan January 13, 2004
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a word that is given to a lot of people or celebs just simply as an exaggeration, because someone has a slightly long or evan oval shaped face/big teeth/buck teeth/gummy teeth or a goofy smile (probably about half the population then) loads of celebs out there from eva longoria to christina aguilera, prince william or leona lewis have been called a horse. i don't think they are considered ugly to most people, nor are horses themselves.
'that person has a horse face'.
by thyfhyof January 20, 2008
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A girl who's features resemble that of a horse.
Hey, that girl on the rugby team is such a horse face. I bet she runs all the time. Nick name: seabiscuit.

Sarah Jessica Parker
by reinprecht October 09, 2007
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one who has an unsightly long pointed face (much like an inbred horse) along with grotesque bucked teeth. May also be rather hairy.
"Hey! Horse face, god called he said you suck!"
by not Adam May 31, 2003
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to have a face so long and narrow, that it reseambles that of a horse.
Wow, that couple will go great together considering that they both have horse face's.
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1) A douche bag that stalks musicians, asks for photos and autographs, and then proceeds to talk shit about them either to their faces or behind their backs.

2) An ugly long faced douche bag with a big nose resembling a horse.
1) Guy 1: So Kristoffer does the most controversial and volatile thing anyone can do, and yells to Jerry Cantrell loudly and clearly for everyone to hear: "It should have been you instead of Layne!".
Guy 2: Wow, what a fucking Horse Face.

2) "Wow, that thug that had that 2 second spot on 30 Rock is a Horse Face!"
by metalbro4life May 27, 2010
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