Horrigan is the name of a horrible human warrior that plays World of Warcraft on The Venture Co. server. He is the guild leader of The Enclave, a group of the worst PvPers on the server, that spread white power racism through trade chat and on the forums. His character and guilds name are both stolen from the Fallout series of games (Fallout 2, more specifically). At any time you can probably find him running around contested areas, ganking lowbies or jumping similar level Horde 4v1 with his horrible guild members. Also, he attempts to discredit anyone who has ever slain him in PvP combat, though it happens so often and openly that its not worth the memory space to Fraps. Everyone hates him, and his guild, and hopefully they will all transfer servers again, for the 3rd+ time.
Horrigan and his guild are on their way to Orgrimmar! Eh, the guards can solo them lulz.
by Rikoom January 17, 2010
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A World of Warcraft player who leads a large Alliance guild called The Enclave that is mostly made up of human paladins and warriors. Horrigan himself is a warrior with some pretty nice gear and has made a name for himself by being a jackass in the Tortheldrin community, most notably for reporting names, making fun of other player's RL appearances, challenging other guilds, and mocking players who have committed suicide in real life. Luckily the paladins from The Enclave are usually quite harmless without their master running around protecting them. If you ever encounter Horrigan in game - its best to focus fire him or just run because he can take a lot of shit.
(1) Holy crap its Horrigan and his colorful circus of ass clowns.

(2) Oh goodness it's Horrigan, whatever shall I do?

(3) "I'll see you in hell, Horrigan."
- Fribar
by LOL NUH June 18, 2007
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