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A World of Warcraft player who leads a large Alliance guild called The Enclave that is mostly made up of human paladins and warriors. Horrigan himself is a warrior with some pretty nice gear and has made a name for himself by being a jackass in the Tortheldrin community, most notably for reporting names, making fun of other player's RL appearances, challenging other guilds, and mocking players who have committed suicide in real life. Luckily the paladins from The Enclave are usually quite harmless without their master running around protecting them. If you ever encounter Horrigan in game - its best to focus fire him or just run because he can take a lot of shit.
(1) Holy crap its Horrigan and his colorful circus of ass clowns.

(2) Oh goodness it's Horrigan, whatever shall I do?

(3) "I'll see you in hell, Horrigan."
- Fribar
by LOL NUH June 18, 2007
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One of the oldest World of Warcraft servers that isn't and never was notable for it's guild's PvE accomplishments.

The reason people know of Daggerspine is because of the pvpers that have come from there, and because of our smack talk. Yeah, STFU

Pigvomit/Sunburn: A mage who made a bunch of pvp videos and was in charge of the guild Unruly, whose team claims to have not been beaten in WSG since cross server battlegrounds opened. His 5v5 arena team held first place and had the best rating in America until he transferred off.

Kuroma: A night elf druid who, along with several others from his guild, held Grand Marshal rank for over 6 months. He was famous for very rarely speaking to anyone outside his guild and for having sporadic changes in play-style, which some claim was proof of account sharing or of him being a bot.

Plaugeface: A rogue who trolled the forums and spent most of his time griefing others. He would often wipe groups in very funny ways and take advantage of others, evidenced by his videos. He was most famous for his forum posts where he purposely mispelled everything and made himself look like an idiot while boasting about his undefeated 17,000 duels (29 for deletion). When cross server battlegrounds opened he went to other servers and nominated himself Daggerspine's official representative while taunting and making false claims about Daggerspine. He was reported daily for his deeds, and unfortunately isn't active anymore to entertain the inhabitants of Daggerspine.

Spiritwolf: A Horde shaman who used to be famous for his photoshop comics and even garnered the attention of Blizzard employees. He often went to large threads and posted parodies of the drama. He left the server with the best Horde guild "Nowhere To Run".

HolyWar: The best, most PvE successful alliance guild that has since transferred off. Most memorable for some of it's eccentric and/or popular members such as Mep, Dagdao, Amyhw, Mortale, and Kosbo.

And those are just the names you can hear outside of the sever forums. There were a bunch of great people from this server, but nowadays Daggerspine is just an ordinary dead server now that they are all gone.
Remember the good ol' times on Daggerspine when there were successful guilds and everyone hadn't transferred off?

Yeah man, The Burning Crusade definately killed old Laggerspine. /sadface
by LOL NUH June 18, 2007
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