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Hollow Apple. To get apple juice, the juice is sucked out of an apple leaving just the shell - a hollow apple. Hopples are sold to the poor people who cannot afford real apples. A.k.a pepper.
Person one: Why is that poor person eating a pepper like an apple?
Person two: Oh thats not a pepper, its a hopple.
Person one: I see... This is good apple juice.
by AsianInvasion22 June 10, 2009
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The base sexual technique for when you post someone on their neck and then leap/fall into their body with your penis. This maneuver was implied by Trevanian in his novel Shibumi. In the subtext of a page Trevanian informed the reader that for their own safety he could not divulge his advanced sexual techniques to prevent injury or death.

To start a hopple you have to post the receiver up on their neck and possibly elbows with the rest of their body suspended over them. You then jump or fall and land with your penis entering their body. A hopple has been successfully completed if at least one participant orgasms and at least one participant survives. They do not have to be the same person.

There are many variants of the hopple.
Hopple - Jump from a standing position and land in a posted up vagina.
Dropple - Fall from a height and land in a posted up vagina.
Hopplegore - Jump from a standing position and land in an anus.
Dropplegoral - Fall from a height and land in a hopple-positioned receiver's mouth.

You can modify the hopple with any number of prefixes and suffixes to suit your mood/skill level, from the standard hopple to the Necroppletopplegoral where you get a running start on a corpse, cross-check it into a hopple position while simultaneously somersaulting into the air and landing in its mouth.
Bro: What happened to Linda?
Me: I tried to hopple her but she broke her neck and died.
Bro: Did you cum?
Me: No I broke my dick in half.
Bro: Fail.

Bro: Hey man can you help me hold up this corpse so I can necropplegore him?
by scifiducky September 04, 2009
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Hopple is derived from the word, Hopes, the word Hopes means to be utterly helpless, a weakling among others. Hopple was formed when the Greek word Hopes was translated to Russian.
Wow i feel sorry for that kid hes such a hopple.
by hurryupyoufag March 29, 2008
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