San Hopeless is another term for San Jose California. if you are a born and raised Land Shark you understand why the term fits.
I'm from san hopeless
by LAND SHARK LAZLO September 25, 2017
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fucking Hopeless - when you've been going out with a girl named Hope and she starts cutting you off below the waist, then your best friend tells you that she found a guy with a bigger dick, a nicer car, more money and who eats her out until she comes three or four times before he even thinks about asking for a blowjob, you realize you are fucking Hopeless.
"I called her grandmother up on her landline and she said the little slut ain't home, she's probably out fucking that good looking guy with a nice car lots of money and all those sores on his tongue, I guess you're fucking Hopeless. Too bad, I liked you. Want to come over and pump a hot load in my ass for sympathy? Bring a pack of camels and pint of gin if you do."
by Handcuffmonkfish November 30, 2020
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