In Monty Python terms, English upper class twits - public schoolboys who turn into oiks and behave rudely, noisily and foolishly in a group at public functions rather as European players of rugby football are commonly said to comport themselves at social events. The females of the species (rarer)are Hooray Henriettas.
Prince Harry and his brother are turning into right Hooray Henrys, just like all the Windsor males.
by ziddi van der zee September 02, 2004
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this expression is the type of expression you use when you aren't very excited about something, or when somebody tells you something it isn't all that interesting. its a way of saying, "i dont really care" in a way that won't hurt somebody's feeling as badly. NOTE: IT IS TO BE USED IN A SARCASTIC TONE.
person #1- i am so excited for chess championships tomorrow
person #2- hooray for america
by m.m. trip.up. December 26, 2006
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The term used for someone that shows promise as a long term relationship. The antithesis to "shiny pussy." Goes beyond sexual satisfaction and is usually a surprise to one that experieces it.
1. "I thought it was gonna be a one time thing but she put that 'hooray pussy' on me."
2. "I said 'Yes' beacause he said 'Hooray!' after I let him cum inside me without a condom."
by Venomous9000 October 29, 2011
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something that is hooray and robust at the same time, therefore it is robust hooray
robust hooray!
by hooray December 19, 2003
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G-rated exclamation used to express excitement for something very droll. Pronounced "hoo-RAY for aMERica!"
Dad said, "We're taking the station wagon to get serviced."
I replied, "Hooray for America!"
by sassy787878 March 03, 2006
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a variant to the sexual position the butterfly in which the man stands and penetrates the woman laying on her back, usually on a bed, while the man wears a party hat and the woman screams "HOORAY".
After John's promotion at work, Mary decided they should celebrate with a little horizontal hooray.
by Johnnypants December 20, 2009
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A cultural phenomenon, to be a part of which includes becoming sufficiently hounded and clubbing for those cognitive enough. The night ends deep into the AM at the persons house closest to the city, and the morning after involves watching tv and feasting on mcdonalds breakfast.
Ryz: How was hooray for boozey weekends IV?

Joe: Pretty good, Eso is a lightweight and couldnt get out of the cab.

Ryz: Haha, Chris threw up on a wall and got into a club. Hooray for boozey weekends!
by D1rtface March 27, 2009
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