A social environment that permits smoking, often with a government issued license. Most commonly tobacco hookahs are smoked, but cigars, cigarettes and brier pipes are often smoked in Hookah Lounges, depending on the hookah lounge.

A business that rents hookahs for smoking flavored tobacco on the premises. Especially popular for young adults aged 18-25 for socializing and avoiding stress, work or studying.

Distinguished from a hookah bar as hookah bars sell alcoholic beverages and hookah lounges do not.
We can get done studying for the final and go over to the Hookah Lounge.

If you get done early, meet Kayla and me over at the hookah lounge.
by Sonthert August 5, 2011
Where people sit around, smoke, and be Armenian.
Fred was having a good time cracking jokes about genocide at the hookah lounge, little did he know he would be sought after by the entire Armenian population.
by yung brogre August 26, 2014
The single greatest hookah bar in Colorado - if not the entire US.

Located @ 1524 N. Academy Blvd. 80909 & 215 Fontaine Blvd. 80911.

They have great hookahs great staff and great smoke.

Jamal - Theres othing to do in this fucking city!

Eric - The hell theres not, Lets kick it at 40 Thieves Hookah Lounge tonight!

Jamal - Word man, We can chill there all night.

Eric - Hey, Jamal I fucked your sister dude...

Jamal - What was that?

Eric - Nothing.... 40 Thieves it is! Lets Go!
by That Thang December 15, 2008