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A word that should give one a sour feeling; it is used often like a noun or adjective to describe something distasteful. The word can be stated randomly, without any prompting, and one should let out a slight chuckle (ever so slight). One could describe another's words to be "hoojie," or one's ideas, but hoojie cannot describe another's clothes, or their accessories.
In a conversation between someone with half a brain, let us call him Jason, and a whole brained person, let him be known as Ryan, it could be used like this:
Ryan: What the heck? I just died randomly! There is no way that what just happened is possible!
Jason: what is this hoojie you speak of?
by ~Tony~ March 16, 2007
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Used when you momentarily can't remember the name of something/someone. Like thingymajiggy or whatchamacallit
"Here, pass the hoojie over here would ya?"

"Are we still going over to hoojie's tonight?"
by Fannybaws92 April 09, 2015
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adj. a word used to describe a strange feeling that you can't really put a name on; when something doesn't really hurt and yet, it doesn't feel quite right; a feeling that isn't exactly the same as nauseous, but almost.
Oh, man, I drank too much last night...I'm feeling a little hoojie now. I think I'll go take a nap.

I need to go head is feeling a little hoojie. you eat the crab cakes? They tasted kind of funny and I'm feeling really hoojie!

Oh, my gosh! This humidity is horrible! It makes me feel so hoojie! Yuck!!
by BlackRock Woman July 08, 2012
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