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A joke that was recently made by 6 youtubers with the user Vanoss Gaming in it. It has become an inside joke that has become a meme. The actual joke was created when Vanoss Gaming read off a joke about an owl (since his gta v character has an owl mask) who is a magician. (Hoo)dini was the punchline.
Often when one of their fans asks a question others will reply with Hoodini.
Evan: Alright, what do you call a magic owl?
*Short pause*
Evan: HOOdini
by CChart102 July 14, 2015
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The phrase 'Hoo-dini' or 'Hoodini' quickly became a popular internet meme (showing up primarily in YouTube comment sections) when VanossGaming, a very well known gaming YouTuber, uploaded a video where he and some of his friends used a glitch in the video game Grand Theft Auto V to enter a comedy club. Once inside, the group began telling cheesy one-liners to each other. Vanoss, whose GTA character is known for wearing an owl mask, asked his friends, "What do you call a magic owl? HOO-DINI!" in reference to the sound an owl makes and the famous magician Harry Houdini. The joke itself wasn't funny, but instead how Vanoss said it. Nonetheless, the phrase caught on and appeared in the comment sections of many YouTubers such as Jacksfilms and Markiplier.

The set-up for most of these jokes include a short riddle, and the answer "HOO-DINI" even if "Hoodini" has nothing to do with the original riddle.
"What do you call a mix between a street lamp and a Russian hospital nurse?

by BranBTheThief July 20, 2015
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A joke made in a YouTube multiplayer gaming video called "GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Comedy Club Fun! (Location Glitch)" Jun 22, 2015
Started as a punch line to a joke "What do you call a magic owl? HOO-DINI" 6:24
The punch line then became a small joke between the friends later in the video, as one of them adds as he's laughing "Just every answer to every question joke you're just being a douchebag and replay..." 8:17
Later it became an internet joke, answered to YouTube comments that ask questions (regardless of "joke" questions), but quickly evolved into complete spam where the replayers seem to not understand the joke and just say "HOO-DINI" without any context... Although some use it the right way.
YouTube Question Comment: Who is the guy on the left??
Replayer: HOO-DINI.

Normal YouTube Comment: Very funny video! Thanks for making me laugh! <3
Spammer (who don't get the joke but wants to be with "D coolz kidz"): HOO-DINI!!!!!!!!!!
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A trend started by the famous Youtube gamer ''VanossGaming'' when he first made the joke ''What is a magic owl called?'' ''Hoodini!'' This later trended as Vanoss later in the video kept answering the other's question by saying ''Hoodini''. Now this is used to answer most questions around Vanoss gaming's videos.
''What do you call a magic owl?'' ''Hoodini!''
by Theonepersonthatanswers July 31, 2015
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when u are fuckin a girl from behind u quickly but quietly pull out and let a friend go in while u sneak out, then go outside and wave through a window so that ur woman freaks out.
Mike pulled a hoodini with the help of his friend Jake.
by lucas bauserman September 30, 2006
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After engaging in the act of sexual intercourse whilst in the "doggy-style" position, the giver will then spit upon the backside of the receiver. When said receiver turns around, the giver will cum upon their face.
When I was dhitb with my magic stick, I decided to pull a hoodini.
by Berticus October 21, 2003
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