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Hoodbilly (ies) are a hybrid species descendant of mated humanoid Squatandrathal and hominid Whitetrashsaphien. They walk upright but lack evolutionary brain growth allowing the capacity to use tools. They survive by nesting in abandoned dwellings, buildings, cars, parks, vacant lots and sewer systems. This Ghettodweller class of Pseudo Human is kin to the Hillbilly and related to Whiteboianoids. They cannot wash clothes, properly drive a car, use running water or figure out how to wipe things clean with a rag. Hoodbilly enlist advanced thumbed races to shave their heads , to use razors for Mullet cuts or Mohawks. Tattoos, applied by other races of tears, barbed wire, skulls, crosses, 115%, shamrocks, sacred hearts and poorly executed likenesses of dead relatives festoon their bodies. The mating ritual of Hoodbilly lasts 4-5 days. It begins when a Hoodbetty gets her guvy and ends when it all spent it on drugs and alcohol and her children start complaining of being hungry. The usual signs of the male leaving to find another female are loud fights, hysterical crying, and the male savagely beating the female as she begs for him to stay. He will usually start the mating process again with the Hoodbetty’s cousin, sister, mother, best friend or aunt. They cannot dance or sing but insist on rapping to songs that do not know the words to or understand the meaning of words they manage to briefly remember. This style of music and dance is known as Hickhop.
I need to get rid of that Hoodbilly roosting in my shed before he breeds and creates an infestation!
by Dragonlady58 January 18, 2021
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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White trash living in a ghetto urban area. Simply "A hillbilly that lives in the 'hood".
Everyone in the ghetto knows when Nascar is on because every hoodbilly on the block goes inside.
by MissViciousDelicious September 27, 2009
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The more politically correct version of “white trash”, which may offend multiple racial subgroups instead of the one intended.

Def: see white trash

Diff between hood and hood billy
*Gold teeth/no teeth
*Stolen Gucci/Goodwill
*Multiple baby mommas/Two baby Momma’s but they are sisters
*Weed/Pills and meth
*Gang violence/Drunkin Brawls at weddings
His mom is all mad at him because he stole her stash of Percocets. But she hasn’t even paid him back from the ones she bought off him last month. He’s such a hoodbilly.
by MrsKaceyWells December 05, 2018
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A mixture between a Hoodlum and a Hill Billy. Common to the Upper Midwest a Hood Billy is a very creative and enginuitive.
Yo that Hood Billy just robbed my Guy with a pipe bomb and a axe handle for 3 racks.
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by Flash Gordon August 29, 2017
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A hoodbilly is a biracial person whose mother or father is Caucasian....and father or mother is black....usually found in hoods across america.
I love being a hoodbilly because I have the best of both worlds.
by Billy Hood May 04, 2015
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