usually means young kids who are usually from poorer backgrounds who roll in groups, all dress like lil ganstas, and generally annoy people. usually found at arcades, bus depots, or malls.
guy 1: hey wanna go to the mall?
guy 2: hell nah, too many hood rats down there!
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
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a slutty skank ass girl who sucks dick every day. usually you and all your boys have slept with her. doesnt care about personal care or herself, so you can get an std from her. shes the type of girl everyone knows( and fucks)
man 1: shit! that mofuckin ho gave me herpes!

man 2: yeah fuck it, she aint nuttin but a hood rat
by big spanky 187 June 07, 2009
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1. a hoe from the hood

2.a trouble maker
1. "look at that girl... shes soo hood rat"

2. "you stole your grandmothers car, your soo hood rat"
by roarianna July 19, 2008
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A girl who thinks it's cute/attractive to be a slut.
A girl that's "been around the block" a lot of times.
Usually a girl that is ghetto
That hood rat Cherqueda is coming over here
by IM MS.SUNSHINE GIRL July 09, 2009
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Noun: 1)A derogatory title for someone born and/or raised in a low class neighborhood that may or may not have lived on government assistance most or all of their life; or is depended on illegal means in order to provide for themselves and their family. 2)A person born to a promiscuous parent and/or a parent frequently jailed or imprisoned.
ADJ: Behavior as such above.
"Your man is a Hood Rat."

"Your girl is a Hood Rat."

"You are acting like a Hood Rat."
by LostinGA January 25, 2008
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A small town or urban kid that's got nothing better to do than fuck shit up.
Let's go do some hood rat shit.
Tyrone blew up 3 mailboxes and stole a sign all in one night, He's a real hood rat.
by KMUNNY March 02, 2015
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A skank ass hoe thats fucked most of the men in the hood; A girl that gets around;hoe; A theme park( everyones had a ride up in that bitch)
(Girl passed by)Yo dog, I wuz all up in them guts last night (All ur boys say So, I hit that shit too, yea me too, yup, so have I)
by Lil Shank February 19, 2004
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