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A very innocent and pure person. Zakiya is sweet, but doesn't let others push her around. She looks at the positive side of everything and is always worried about her friends.
Zakiya is a very beautiful girl, nicknamed Zakk or Zakki
by eLEMONator101 June 14, 2016
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Smart, Funny, is jealous easliy, hates to lose friends, loves music, a great artist,name means faith or peace, is a type of person that is shy, but piss em' off and they'll bitch out, otehr than that they are nice, caring people who are stylish and make friends easily, is beautiful and outgoing !
Someone bumpping into them in the hallway then Zakiya might bitch out
by quelainferno March 11, 2009
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A Zakiya, the word given to a female who simply loves to eat Mars Bars. Zakiya is also the name given to a person who is amazingly good looking and attractive.
Zakiya is the name given to a female when said to be in love with a Rahul (the name given to a person who is in love with a Zakiya). Rahul is a very sexy, handsome, quite dashing male.
They both are amazing together, and this is shown in their relationship together. They both are extremely sexy, but according to legend, Rahul is said to be the slightest bit more sexier.
Zakiya : "Yummmm, i love these Mars bars, so yummy, num num num"
Stranger : "Can i have some please?"

Zakiya: "FUCK OFF"

Zakiya : "I love you Rahul"

Rahul : "I love you too Zakiya, hey lets listen to some

Zakiya : "Ohhhh he goes innnn"
Rahul : "Spud Man"
Zakiya : "Dun Knw"
by raaahhh November 03, 2010
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