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A four wheeled vehicle, that in better times may have been called either a piece of junk, a clunker, a hoopty, a bucket, or a pile, but is no far more beat up, discolored, louder, rustier, or aggressively unattractive. An automobile that you wouldn't expect to see anywhere other than in a junk yard, at a demolition derby, or parked on the streets of Somalia. A vehicle that even the dirtiest of hitchhikers would not be caught dead riding in.
"Is that rust & bondo colored hoobanger parked outside yours? No wonder why you're still a virgin dude!"
by Dangerous Lee February 28, 2015
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A joint, or marijuana cigarette; Exclusively referred to as "Strapping up a hoobanger"; Derived from the northwestern region of Wyoming, and more prevalent, and spoken fluently near Jackson, WY.
Bro No. 1: "Hey bro wanna strap up a hoobanger?"

Bro No. 2: "For sure man, Lets strap one up and go the the show!"
by The night creature 1990 December 18, 2017
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