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(Hohnz-burrg) noun.

1. one who extrapolates more information than anyone needs or cares to know.

2. one who will argue relentlessly even when.. i: it is clear that they are wrong ii: an answer has already been established iii: no one cares.

The above mentioned's opinions should be kept to themselves. This, however has nothing to do with the Honsberg's tendencies to misuse words that they believe mask their ignorance, but the fact that absolutely no one on this Earth cares to hear them.
Prime Example:
Man: I read based on writing not on story.
Honsberg: Which is wrong
Man: No it isn't... there is no wrong way to read a book
Honsberg: In my opinion both are necessary fir a book to be successfull. And judging based on one more than another is wrong
M: Again, there is no wrong way to read a book.
H: That's judgement. And to judge whether a male writes a book better than a female requires judgement. Which you have already made.
M: I never said otherwise.
H: You did.
M: No, I did not. If you believe I did you misunderstood me.
H: I have not misunderstood!!
M: ...Whatta Honsberg.
by OhSnapItsAlexa January 10, 2010
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