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Occurs when you are trying to pass a person on a crowded sidewalk and are accidentally hit in the junk by their hand on the backswing.
I would have been here sooner but some fat lady gave me a Hong Kong handshake on the corner of 34th St and I had to sit down for a minute.
by Noahtorious July 24, 2008
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manual stimulation of a man's penis performed specifically by an Asian chick, usually in the setting of an Oriental Spa.
I didn't have enough money for sex so all I got was a Hong Kong Handshake and a hot towel.
by gsodthecluck July 17, 2009
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When a very curious asian man sees a tall white caucasion american man, grabs his junk and evaulates his own self worth.
So my boss was in Hong Kong, and his boss had many drinks (and a tiny penis) asked him how big his junk was. My boss ignored this and kept talking. When he got up from the table, his boss acted like he was going to shake his hand, and then grabbed his junk instead, and said "ooooOOOOO". There you have it, the Hong Kong Handshake.
by NOONELIKESME June 10, 2009
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