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to place one's mouth over the butthole and blow a short, powerful blast of air into the anus.
my rusty trombone was immediately followed by a cheese puff.
by gsodthecluck July 24, 2009

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Technique used for male masturbation in which the performer grasps the penis palm down instead of palm up.
I took a big chance going "palm down" but the European grip won the competition for me.
by gsodthecluck July 17, 2009

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manual stimulation of a man's penis performed specifically by an Asian chick, usually in the setting of an Oriental Spa.
I didn't have enough money for sex so all I got was a Hong Kong Handshake and a hot towel.
by gsodthecluck July 17, 2009

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technique used to drink from a large moonshine-style jug whereas the consumer puts their pointer finger through the small jug handle, rests the jug on the outside of the same upper arm and lifts elbow to pour liquid into mouth from the jug.
The drinking vessel was too awkward to hold conventionally so I decided to use the texas side sip.
by gsodthecluck July 22, 2009

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