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The stuff that hangs over a girls tight pants. This flesh is unwillingly relocated to outside of the pants in order for the person to fit into the pants. Honchies come in many shapes and sizes and could include, but is not limited to the frontal orb ass thing that many people develop over time.
O Snap! Please dont slap my honchies, just because they are out does not mean they want to be hit all the time. Now look what you have done, they are all red and swollen.
by Marc1234567890 April 17, 2006
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The back fat on your hips. Everyone has them, some are just more defined than others. They are comparale to the muffin tops.
"Hey my honchies get really cold when they hang out, so please dont slap them"
by T-Baaaaag April 28, 2006
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being extremly aggressive
say if your dog is starting to get a little friendly around someones leg or butt you say,"dogs name is gettin honchy." or you can tell a friend,"stop bein so honchy" if they are bein a little aggressive.
by matthew settimi January 17, 2004
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