A metro-sexual person who looks so gorgeous he's considered to be deliciously gay.
"Omg look- another cute guy gone gay! I swear all the good guys have turned!"

"Who him? Nah. he's not gay, he's just homolicious."

by nArUcOoP September 13, 2009
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Term for a straight man with a homosexual affectation; a metro-sexual without the style
Just because Tad listens to Emo and watches Queer Eye doesn't make him gay - he's just a little homolicious is all.
by JoeJReed December 25, 2007
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noun. used to describe something really gay or creepy. such as skating with the stars.
jimmy: did you see 'skating with the stars' last night?
jane: yeah johny weir was so homolicious.
jimmy: i know right? he scared my brother.
by jimmy johns on the moon November 23, 2010
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The act of uberhomosexuality on the part of a male towards other straight males
*as caught from an AIM Messge*
JamesI Hunter: That dude is so homolicious
TheDDRAddict: Yer the homo you flaming piece of assmatter
by LaminatedKitten July 25, 2004
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When someone is acting in a very annoying manner, or if something is proving frustrating. Can generally be substituted for gay, homo, fag or dick. But homolicious just sounds better anyway. :D
JoJo: Oi Rachee, do we have any science stuff for hwk?
Rachee: Yeah bro!
JoJo: Man Mrs L is homolicious!
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
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