Steve: "Moqran is a Homy,"
Alijandro: Hahaahaaa
Moqran: "come on steven," then every body was laughing.
Amado: " Moqran is cooly dude"
I feel confortanle ganging out together, you are my homy.
by Chinchou February 13, 2019
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what people call their “friends”, “blood” , “gang”. Usually, hood related, most people from the north and west say it.
“Yo, i can’t hang today i’m chillin wit the homies”

how you doing, homie haven’t talked to you in a min

damn homie
by bandzonmymind May 26, 2018
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It means you approve of the situation.
Joe: we are about to hit the club tonight.

Tom: Homies
by Gbaby1000 June 19, 2021
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