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1. a vacation or trip taken with an individual whom you have recently deemed a bro
2. the ultimate consummation of a bromance

3. to spend one's homeymoon

4. the homeymoon is over
Spending your homeymoon at the Jersey shore is a terrible idea, as your bro may have an inclination to wander.
by Druufucious March 29, 2011
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Related to a staycation, but specifically staying at home for your honeymoon.
They were going to go to Niagara Falls, but decided to do a homeymoon since they were so broke.
by Miles_Long October 30, 2009
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The first overnight trip taken by two, new male friends.
After Odie and Phil met at the race track, they went on a homeymoon to Vegas together and drowned a dancer in a tub.
by Awesomes007 January 07, 2019
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When you go out with your "Homey" on a vacation; and not necessarily a romantic thing.
Just two homies. Chilling together. On a vacation.
Last week me and my homie went on a Homeymoon to the Bahamas. We had a great time!!!
by kingdong19 March 19, 2017
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