homa: an girl who is humorous ,dramatic , creative ,and beautiful. She's a nerd who can do both. An bad girl and nerd. Cute ,sweet ,awesome , drama full ,nerdy ,life!
John : met this girl named Homa she is so cute!

Matt: I know right!
John : she is so beautiful.
by Whats.Up.Puddin! December 10, 2017
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Your probably Thomas trying to do the tik tok trend but just ended up with a weird name
by Hi I’m jeff June 14, 2020
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A smart and beautiful girl with wide mind perspective. Homa is a different girl with beautiful face and body. You will fall in love with her at the first meet. Try not to lose her and make her yours because you can never find such a wonderful girl again. She is an angel
Henrich : Homa is a very beautiful girl
by Steinhaeußer August 19, 2018
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- Wah wah Mataji, jodi kya banayi
Bhaiyya aur bhabhi ko, badhai ho badhaiii
-Proper desi, just what you need
- Desi moms approve, no saas-bahu jhagdas hereeee
I needa bring home a Homa.
by Vi.is.sus.23 January 25, 2022
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Homa is a Nigerian name that means "good thing". Homa is a good beautiful reserved girl, smart and honest, keeps her family close to her heart and doesn't joke with them. She'll always speak her mind and always honest even if it'll hurt others but tries not to be so blunt or hurtfull.
by pamelama February 3, 2018
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"hew hawt homas"
"homa hawt" or "hawt homa"
"where da homa at"
"pu tanga ni mo homa"
by assroop June 2, 2009
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Ho~ma's : Of or refering to bitches, honeys, or other slang terms for females.
"Nah, couldn't have been me. I call all my bitches 'Homas'."

"Hey did you call up some 'homas' for the party this evening?"

by Birdmank January 30, 2006
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