Dave: Hey, I heard John was from Hollywood, is he rich?
Sam: Nah, he's from Hollyhood so he's not rich.
by hewhosubmitsterms July 26, 2009
The ghetto neighborhood surrounding the proximity of Hollywood, Ca.
Broken down appartment in Hollyhood.

He's just another Hollyhood dreamer.
by Brinnie April 25, 2005
Lil' Kim's clothing line

$25 to $200

"I've always expressed my love for fashion through my music. Hollyhood is a line for those who believe in my philosophy that there are no rules when it comes to fashion...it's about having fun and choosing to dress in a way that makes you feel good" -Lil' Kim
I copped these Hollyhood pants in the mall, now all this niggas is on my clit
by N.I.G.G.A. April 8, 2005
1) A show on MTV, full name: Adventures in Hollyhood, stars Three Six Mafia.

2) A poor neighborhood in Memphis, TN.
Hey man, Adventures in Hollyhood is pretty funny
by MidasTouch June 11, 2007
1) Refers to any place that is the opposite of a hood or ghetto
2) A nice place where people live with other people; neighborhood
3) Usually refers to Hollywood, CL or Hollywood, FL (the best place in the world)
"That boy ain't ghetto at all! He's a hollyhooder!" said D'mitrius to L'Sondra
by D'Brickashaw November 1, 2006
being rich,hoodrich or well off but still but still keep it "Hood" or "Ghetto" HollyHood life
by sonnkey June 22, 2013