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Like a good whisky a Hollingsworth is distinctive and rare, never boring or average. He strives to realize his full potential while never judging others unless they wear 5Fingers footwear or similar gaybert attire. Because of his many sensual talents, sexy physique and physical attributes, psychological and physical dependence can be a danger. If you find yourself completely addicted there is a treatment facility in Southern Albania on the Ksamil Islands. The waiting list is long and the facility is only accessible by boat because a true Hollingsworth addict would do anything to be near this beautiful and amazing man.
My Hollingsworth addiction is so strong, I need a fix now!
by 5fingers October 14, 2011
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Usually a male who thinks he's better then most, and is never faithful, ever.
No you dont want to date him hes a Hollingsworth
by aaii September 10, 2008
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Extreme negativity causing one to want to hang themselves

Immensly average, fairly dull seeing the negative on everything, also quiet boring.
Will you stop being so Hollingsworth it's really getting me down

God he's a bit hollingsworth!
by belltopper May 23, 2011
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A man or woman with the last name Hollingsworth. Usually have above-average intelligence but more on the weaker side. Also typically short. This name originates from Ireland and England, with some Jewish ties.
Man 1: Dude, that guy looks like a pushover.
Man 2: Nah, he's a Hollingsworth. He'd blackmail your ass until you can't walk around town without being assaulted.
by kekmemesofkekistani September 07, 2017
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