A small valley that sits between two mountains, often littered with small homes or trailers.

Hollar is a term used most often in states like Kentucky and Virginia.
“ Sam and Hailey live down in that hollar out near Pikeview, right near them train tracks.”
by WVKid August 3, 2020
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Verb. An old hick word meaning to yell.
Noun. A small dip between hills not large enough to be considered a valley.
When you are ready to leave just hollar at me.
I saw your horse in the hollar down past pens.
by An elf of Quenya May 28, 2018
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(also spelled holler in some areas, especially Kentucky) A very old Southern USA term meaning "down the road a spell" or, more accurately, "down in the valley a ways." Used a couple of hundred years before anyone had ever heard of Gangsta or "white, pasty people misusing Gangsta words."
Step out on the porch and give a yell down the hollar to your brother.
by White-pasty-Danny February 1, 2007
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An electronic inter-personal communication device that serves as a vector for both voice and text based communications. Modern day hollarators are hand-held, and communications are transmitted via wireless digital information networks. Early hollarators transmitted communications between two cans via a string. However, advancements made during the technological revolution of the late 80's and 90's allowed for the creation of a more portable, wireless hollerator that provides the user with more consistency and clearer reception.

accepted alternative spellings include: hollerator.
see also: cell phone
Richard: Golly! That is one nice hollarator you have.
Lawrence: Thanks Dick. I received it at no cost for signing a new contract but it sure does drop a lot of calls.
by Craig/Cory May 18, 2005
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The act of holler.

The moment that somebody hollers at anothers, he is hollaring at them.
why is ur mother always hollaring at u so bad?

is that not the boy that was hollaring at his father yesterday?
by cinik November 8, 2010
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1)to shout back at your dawg
2)to show excitement
give me a hollar sometime.
by Sam Shady July 22, 2003
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1. Middle-america's try-to-be-urban cool version of "holla," an endearing solicitation for verbal replies as popularized by the Rocafella clique.

2. Cool urban youth's making fun of the played out "holla" that Middle America has adopted with their unknowing mispronunciation of the slang that was cool approximately 1 1/2 years ago
"Yo Jeb! Stop at the General Store and cop me a Phillie and a 40 ounce bottle of Old E and meet me on the dirt road near our old fishin hole! Hollar!"
by potter420 July 22, 2003
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