Could be a subtype of the “basic bitch”. Usually used to describe middle aged women(40+) doing or behaving in ways younger generations find extremely annoying.
-“You don’t have to iron your underwear ! Don’t be such an holga!”
by nunzi September 14, 2022
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Noun: A specific brand/type of Chinese-made toy-camera often used by lomographers. Made of black plastic, often with a plastic lens this camera uses 120-size film. This camera may also be made into an instant camera by adding a Polaroid back thus creating a "Holga-roid."
I'm going to take my Holga out and take snapshots of my friends.
by wmp February 12, 2006
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A terrible camera that is basically the same as a box camera that you can find at any antique store for $5, except it costs $50 at Urban Outfitters instead.
I use a Holga because I like to take advantage of the quality of medium-format.
by barryzito666 October 7, 2009
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A crappy toy camera made out of plastic that has become popular with hipster douches. Having no actual training in photography twats who use the Holga think shit looking photographs are deep and artistic. Seriously guys buy a fucking 35mm SLR off ebay.
Hipster: Guys check out my new Holga it takes such artistic photos that have soo much depth.

SLR Users: GTFO faggot.
by slipup February 27, 2010
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An over-rated camera used mostly by hipsters. To produce "insta-art" which is usually complete rubbish.
taking an under-exposed, out of focus photo of my friends with my holga is sooo deep and meaningful man.
by dr kookyluss March 29, 2009
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