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Many people hate them, they think they're junk, worthless, a waste of time. But we love them. We can't stop talking about them. We just can't shut up at all. We like the lack of sharpness, we appreciate the light leaks, we find the poor viewfinders amusing.
We think it's cool that they're only 15 bucks each.
We're a close and yet diverse group - not exclusive, not competitive.
We value personal expression above all other considerations.
We want you to join us in our photographic journey.
Because after all - We're having fun, why shouldn't you? We aren't terribly organized. We all have different viewpoints. We come from all over the world. We are not competitive. We've been around for a few years now and while we maybe aren't THE source for Toycamera Photography, we ARE up there pretty good these days. Cool, huh?

The Search for the Photograph that is more than the sum of its parts. Where photography regains a bit of its Magic and is no longer a mere technical exercise. This is a place where any and all can take photographs that have personal meaning. Whatever that might be. Please enjoy and be sure to jump into our very cool and fun message board where lots of fun and interesting things happen. We live for discussion and feedback. No lie, it's true.
The Plastic Camera is a perfect way to get you started. For some, the Plastic Camera is an end unto itself. For others, it is only a beginning. It is most important that you give it a try and see where it leads you. Results can be surprising. Unexpected.

There is a simple joy in this that is important.
Plastic Camera photography is cheap and simple. You can always put it aside - maybe never come back to it. But anyone with a desire to create should give it a try. There is little to lose - the cost of a camera (about $20) some money for film and processing. Much to be gained - self expression and a new way of seeing your world.
A new way to capture your world.
Cameras called "Holga", "Diana", "Dories", "Debonair", "Lubitel", "Banner" "Snappy" and "Yunon". Toy-cameras are cheap, maddening, fascinating plastic pieces of crap.
by from: Toycameradotcom April 17, 2006
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