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1) Maintaining a steady job in an industry in which that person is not the "norm"

2) Performing in an area in which that person is essentially not accepted, but managing to perform the task at hand anyway (without missing a beat despite the hate).

3) Being present in a place which is deemed basically as hostile, so that others who look different (or are different) can also potentially gain access to that field (albeit always in limited numbers).
Jason: Hey Joe how is it going at that job you work at? Still holding it down for the rest of us?

Kwadwo: Still holding it down my brother.
by JadedLight September 11, 2010
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The maintenance, operation and proper outward appearance of a work place, facility or law enforcement administration by employees, while others are not present and without permission.
Sully, hold this place down for a couple hours.

Hector will be holding it down over there until we get back
by geeblaun January 07, 2008
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1) Pinning something or someone against something else, usually the ground.

2) Pressing a key on a keyboard and not letting go, either to achieve some effect or to do so uncontrollably and to no end.

3) Taking care of oneself and/or one's surroundings in another's absence.
1. Hold that mother fucker down while I bust a cap in his ass.

2. Hold down the Shift Key to type in CAPS.

3. What's up, America? G.W. holdin it down in the big D.C. ya heard.
by Eric Simmons January 01, 2004
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