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Type your definition here...Kwadwo is a person with great intellect,dignified and also gentle.He don't like squabbling.This boy loves girls but cannot propose to them . Grandiloquent is out of his hobby and always certain of what he does....
Type an example of how it's used in a sentence... That girl is lucky to have Kwadwo as her boyfriend..
by Nana Richie August 17, 2018
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Kwadwo - "when your refrigerator is empty"

Kwadwo, is a black man, who live upstairs your apartment…
He prettent’s to work a lot, but what he really do, is waiting for you to come home, so he can eat all your food.

He loves to play FIFA, but gets beaten all the time ! But still, he will talk shit like he was the winner !!
"Damn bro, you refrigerator is so Kwadwo!!"

"You have food bro ? Naa there was Kwadwo by"

- Ii won in FIFA last night, but there was this Kwadwo !!
- Hate when they talk shit like they won the game, so Kwadwo style..
by DON FIFA October 19, 2010
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