To maintain someone or to 'hold someone down'.

Meaning to keep someone interested and committed to you without showing hesitation on your part. If youre not holding them down, you ain't trying, it can lead to them leaving your lazy a**
Drake: "she held it down, so she got a Mercedes"
Them: "oh okay"

Friend: "why did you break up with mark?"
Her: "He's so flaky, he just doesn't know how to hold it down"
by Ruran Triphis November 16, 2019
Yo jay I'm goin to the car hold it down until i get back.
by Miles561 November 28, 2016
1) Maintaining a steady job in an industry in which that person is not the "norm"

2) Performing in an area in which that person is essentially not accepted, but managing to perform the task at hand anyway (without missing a beat despite the hate).

3) Being present in a place which is deemed basically as hostile, so that others who look different (or are different) can also potentially gain access to that field (albeit always in limited numbers).
Jason: Hey Joe how is it going at that job you work at? Still holding it down for the rest of us?

Kwadwo: Still holding it down my brother.
by JadedLight September 11, 2010
1. to maintain in a state of coolness/smoothness
2. used as a command to "take care of something
Example 1:
person 1 - "I'ma hit that party tonight"
person 2 - "Aight, hold it down"

Example 2:
person 1 - "Yo, money! Are you fucking that shorty?
person 2 - "Naw, dawg! You can hold that down!"
by dominikan May 20, 2003
To maintain, sustain and/or perhaps excel
Jim: How is it out in the bay?

Willard: You know. Holding it down.
by empyreus January 22, 2011
1. to accomplish something of substantial greatness.
2. to get something no one else can.
3. to put the team on your back.
4. to get the ladies
Carlos: "Dude, blake shouldn't you be in bed on a school night bro?"
Blake: "It's only midnight?"
Carlos: "Hold it Down!!"

Person 1: "You gonna call her?"
Person 2: "Nah man, I make her call me!"
Person 1: "HOLD IT DOWN!"
by YaBoyLoso June 15, 2011