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A small town near Braintree, Randolph, and Brockton. Their schooling system is very trashy and the JSHS is literally crumbling in front of our eyes. We're getting a beautiful new school, but it is still the same old, naggy staffing. There are a few places to hang out such as the park along with the field and courts. Most of the good students are leaving to go to a different school for high school because they actually want a good education from a credited high school. Lots of the children who stay her into drinking and drugs and sex, but there are some good kids. The graduating classes usually don't have more than 50 graduates because most fail, dropout, or go somewhere else. There is a lot of useless drama and rumors. I would not send my child here ever. The taxes are up because of the new school, but they still don't have money for busing. So in conclusion some people in Holbrook are chill, they have high taxes, druggies and hoes, and the school systems are very bad quality
Wow! You live in Holbrook, Ma? I feel bad for you bro.
by Holbrooksucksass June 27, 2017
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most of the girls here have been fucked by the time theyre in 8th grade, refuse to tell the truth. the non populars consist of people who are hyper and what not and who arent in a rush to grow up boys are all jocks or skaters who have no better time on their hands other then to pick on the nonpopulars. Here most of the adults have no clue whats going on with theirkids, then the older kids come out. they go to the park and they trash it, have sex, and do drugs at it.the entire town knows the song "dont stop believeing".the only kids are smart are the 6th graders. Holbrook contains 3 public schools that you will leave by 8th grade. Ramblewood,ramblehood is the worst place there are stabbings, fights, and drugs in almost every apartment. There are 4spots in the fence where people from the "grove" cut through to get to the main part of town. The grove is a place where most teenagers, and 5th graders live. Here is where most of the skating and partying happpens because the grove is a main path to the pastures and the lake is a place where kids hide from the cops to drink. The turf is a place where most people practice for football but behind it is a local sex bin in the woods, where people have been offered drugs and sex.Most of the people who live in Holbrook claim they are moving but never do Although, Holbrook has killer food and some decent people
Melissa from holbrook, ma- oh hey

Joe- hi...where are you from?
Melissa - Holbrook
Joe- never heard of it..
Melissa- good....
Joe- how many people are fake?
Melissa- alot.
Joe- *leaves*

Ashley from Holbrook- HI!!! :D
Joe from above- are you from holbrook?
Joe- bye.
by The Holbrook Girl June 08, 2011
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