A strong dependable guy. Mature beyond his years. Hohners have women falling for them every time they turn around. Hohners have been know to be the best of friends and in most cases boyfriends. Hohners are the worlds greatest lovers and they can be trusted with anything. Hohners are nothing short of amazing.
no, Hohners are beastlier than chuck Norris
by Scoobydadoodobaboom November 24, 2010
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A person who is kind and Dependable. He will do anything for you. Hohners tend to be very Musically inclined. Hohners are also known to be the best lovers.
You don't know love till you have had a Hohner!
by joe nathans November 24, 2010
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Da reply dat you'd give when asked if you'd like to be da one to play a musical selection on da harmonica.
Da local choirmaster asked me if I'd like to perform a Johnny Puleo selection for da community concert on Saturday, and I told him dat I'd be hohnered to so do!
by QuacksO February 26, 2023
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Refers to where you perform a musical number on a classic Hohner-brand harmonica to salute/recognize someone's exceptional achievement/status.
"Dancing With The Stars" host: And now here's a splendid harmonica-chorus rendition of "Annie Laurie", a favorite traditional folk-song in celebration of our winners --- Johnny Puleo and the Chimes Family will do the Hohners.
by QuacksO August 2, 2018
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