A woman who lives her life with the morals of a man; fabulously.
"Yo, I just got that promotion so bottles on me for my bad bitches! Hoe is life!"

"He was fine and the D was good but I'm not looking for anything serious because I gotta make this money, Hoe is life!"
by Montevez July 5, 2016
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1. a lifestyle followed by most college girls
2. hoes are not synonymous with sluts

3. a hoe will flirt with you for a drink and leave, a slut will fuck you for a drink
Coral: "Kailyn, are you sure you want to wear shorts? It's like 40 degrees outside"
Kailyn: "Hoe is life"

"Katey is such a hoe"
"No that's a slut"
by cailynhis March 8, 2016
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You are a hoe hoeing around and just being stupid then a motherfucker but then you just really need to stop with this
Melissa: hoe life or no life

Me: stop that's not cool
Melissa: you have no life
by Hoe life or no life March 17, 2017
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When a female enjoys the single life and can have as many sexual encounters as she likes without being judged and to satisfy her own needs.
Friend - "how are things with you?"
Me - "great, I'm enjoying the hoe life right now"
by Nikki.dee October 8, 2017
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a life where it ain’t low
girl1: lily and millie are living the best hoe life

girl2: i know i’m actually jelous
by bejxjdbdhi October 9, 2019
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