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An hodaya is a pretty girl. She has AMAZING eyebrows btw. She is really crazy but only if she is around people who she is VERY close to. Most of the time she looks like a super innocent sweet girl. She will act very insecure which is actually true about her. An Hodaya is generally nice and friendly to everyone even the people she dislikes ( doesn’t hate anyone just dislikes them) You should look out though. An Hodaya might look super cute and innocent but deep down she is vicious. Her true nature will come out around her close friends. Everyone else just thinks she is an angle. An Hodaya probably went through a lot in her life but most people won’t know that. Each person in her life probably doesn’t know as much about her as they think. She is very good at hiding it too but sometimes it all comes bursting out. You should be sweet to an Hodaya because the people who are true with her and genuinely nice will be reworded A LOT. She is very generous. So to sum it up she is generally an amazing person who when needed can take care of herself so don’t let her looks and actions deceive you ( she is really good at that)
Did you see that amazing girl over there?

Yea. Why?

Well that’s Hodaya, I love her!
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by I hate life :(:(:( May 19, 2018
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a pretty girl but sometimes she may be a hoe.
did you see her?
such a HOEdaya.
the name hodaya is nice though.
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by orehoes September 01, 2016
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