Someone that enters into a relationship to prevent themselves from being homeless.
Nah girl, you don't want him. He just using you. Keisha down the block just cut his ass loose. He a hobosexual.
by CMWA January 07, 2017
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A person who has sex with anyone so they have a place to sleep at night.
He got evicted from his appartment so he is over there trying to hook up with that fat girl so he has a place to stay, you can't be anymore hobosexual than that.
by Hometownmobile January 22, 2017
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A dude or chick that has sexual encounters in homeless encampments and usually only has sex with homeless people.
I broke up with Eddie because hes a closet/covert Hobosexual. I followed him down to the riverbottom and spied on him as he slammed meth then preformed oral sex on a dirty homeless dude.
by Octilted July 06, 2017
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A person, usually a man, that enters into a relationship just to have a place to stay.
Instead of finding a real man, she dates hobosexuals that can't do anything for her.
by BeckyWitDaGoodHair January 25, 2017
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This is a sexual orientation can be given at birth but is usually developed over your teenage years with hormones thriving. someone who is hobosexual is somebody who is without a place to live e.g. house/ tent/ persons womb/ school/ large refrigerator ( small if your desperate), but sexually engaging with someone/ something who is hobosexual while you are not, immediately makes you hobosexual full stop.
" yeah brah she was just sitting there in the gutter naked so i thought what the hell, so i guess that makes me hobosexual now"
by Butt plug joey March 07, 2017
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