A person who is only attracted to homeless men and this attraction distracts him/her from doing the most basic tasks with any skill whatsoever.
1: Hey Hoseph you're such a hobosexual
2: STFU n00b *proceeds to have sex with a hobo*
by raulgomez April 02, 2010
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Someone that has sex with vagabonds, bums, and transients.
"I shouldn't joke about homeless people because I've slept with so many of them. I guess that would make me a 'Hobo Sexual'."
by Mike Corning October 06, 2008
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the attraction of taking homeless people into your house filling your bathtub with a mixture of dipping sauces (ie. Ketchup, Barbecue, Mustard etc.) placing the fully-clothed hobo in said mixture to marinate, then laying the sauced covered hobo on your bed and licking the sauce off of their body.
"Are you a homosexual?"
"No I'm a hobosexual."
by Gaydolf_Shitler January 23, 2016
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A man, women,and or a transgender person who has sex for a place to stay.
I meet this fine nasty ass hobosexual yesterday.
by Southside bc November 30, 2020
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one who is homosexually attracted to homeless people.
Popularized in the Druid Pryde song "Hobosexual"
you can find em in the shelters
you can find em in the streets
you can find em in my bedroom
under my sheets

by Jake verb November 27, 2006
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a man that is attracted to male homeless men
Raul- wow isn't that man under the bridge so hott!!
Spence- you're such a hobosexual
by 345672i47y499nf9 October 24, 2009
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Having sexual attraction to homeless men or women, or just towards people of poor hygiene, or even towards those with a lack of a home.
You are such a hobosexual. That guy you're dating doesn't even have a job or a home and he is probably from the band ZZTop.
by Tubelord October 14, 2008
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