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When a woman , usually of a young age, becomes divorced and finds her inner ho again.
Megann, you are finally free again . Time to get your Ho Back.
by Kayke January 08, 2011
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Hoback--when a ho piggybacks on all of your man's social media posts.
"That girl from work hobacked you again! She keeps liking and commenting on all of your posts!"
by Jhaney August 14, 2017
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Literal meaning : verb -- to get Hepatitis C from the fecal matter encased beneath a prostitute's fingernails.

Colloquially use as a verb to indicate any transmittable disease being communicate via the fecal matter of a prostitute.
Jimmy's diagnosis of Hepatitis C could only mean one thing: he had been hobacked by that prostitute he met in Oto, Iowa.
by Kris W. May 07, 2012
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