Adj; used to describe something that's totally awesome.
rad sweet
Zach: Dude, that movie was the hite.
Nick: I know man, it was the shiz.
by CJ M. June 18, 2008
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The act that has to be performed before you actually meet the person to try to end up in bed with, preferrably that same night.
Man, i hit on this chick, she blew me off. Then i hit on her friend and screwed her at the backseat of my car.
by azim & gleb December 29, 2004
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Most beautiful girl ever people hate on her but they stupid and blame her for shit she didnt even do just cause there jealous of her. And she can rap good as hell!
Abby hite is the best Abby out there
by thebestdonttestme March 02, 2020
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gorgeous, smart, intellegent, female who will always be the keeper of my heart. whether or not she knows is irrelevant.
word, i think her name is jackie hite. she'll likely go through life being underappreciated...
by lamby lu September 28, 2010
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For when you hit your mounse in your screenpad there needs to be the perfect description, and this is it. It can also be used as a greeting to other people who hit their mounses in their screenpads, or as a way to express any known emotion, and even some unknown emotions.
guy 1: i just hited my mounse in screen pad xd
guy 2: i just hited my mounse in screen pad xd
guy 3: i just hited my mounse in screen pad xd
guy 4: wtf?
by Mattyus9000 March 09, 2021
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