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democracy in Heaven, believing in the God of your choosing
Believing in Hitan means I can believe in whatever God I want and I am not wrong for my beliefs.
by BWK October 13, 2006
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democracy in Heaven,
--goal is to overthrow the CREATOR and install democracy in Heaven
The CREATOR, a loving GOD or evil DICTATOR?

Torture and murder of millions of his opponents, Who does this sound like?
1) the flood -- wipe out mankind ( est. 50,000 dead )except for roughly 10 people
2) Sodom and Gomorrah -- made it rain sulphur and fire upon the cities ( est. 5,000 dead )
3) death -- God has allow mankind to continue to suffer and die from the beginning ( est. 6,000,000,000 dead )
and that is only of some of the crimes that the bible details.

The Creator is no better than most dictators like Hilter, Saddam, Kim Jong-il, Muammar al-Qaddafi , ect.....

HITAN revolution will one day overthrow the CREATOR.
by Brian W. Kuervers January 15, 2008
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