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A hipstermobile is a form of ironic transportation, used primarily to transport two people -- usually a hipster and his or her iPhone -- between various locales or events that the hipster deems to be important. It is a type of bicycle, specifically of a single speed with fixed gears, also known as a "fixie". Often, the bicycle chassis is painted over with a single solid color using spray paint. This eliminates the brand name from the bicycle, which might otherwise clash with the hispter's "local is better" ethos, and also because the spray paint amplifies the hipster's urban-chic identity.

The hipster sits on a banana seat closer to the rear wheel of the hipstermobile while the iPhone sits on the handlebar in a specially-designed mount, available through Whilst pedalling the hipstermobile, the hipster will issue voice commands to the iPhone. Typical commands include:

"Take a photo of this ironic building and post it to my Tumblr."
"Use Wikipedia to find a virtually unknown folk band from circa 1982 and then Tweet it to everyone who follows me."
"Is there a free BYOB arts & crafts festival in a two-mile radius of my current location?"
"Go into my draft folder and send that plea for more money to my parents."

Hipstermobiles are often spotted near cafes and post-gentrification diners, near arts & crafts festivals, and in parks during normal peoples' working hours.
Dude, I just saw a grown man sitting on the curb crying. He looked to be cradling an iPhone that had fallen to its death from the handlebar of his hipstermobile. He couldn't even update his status to tell anyone about what had happened!
by hipster_of_the_month May 06, 2013
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A single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle (typically with track handlebars). The hipstermobile is used only in an urban environment, usually to get back and forth between one's loft apartment and the coffee shop.
Check out the dude on the hipstermobile -- he can ride that thing in traffic while sipping on his latte!
by DrMoop December 12, 2007
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The latest "cool" phone popular among teenagers. They usually have internet services, camera for the lame myspace pics and the hipsters are practically attached to their hipstermobile.
sidekick 2,3,lx,iD,slide
Blackberry Pearl
these are hipstermobiles
by necronomicon April 10, 2008
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