1. The retarded way of spelling 'hypocrite'.

2. A large container used for transporting a hippo.

*On a chatroom*

Dumb Guy: Man, that Tommy69 is such a fuckin' hippocrate...

Smart Arse: Dude, you mean hypocrite?

Dumb Guy: Yeah, whatever...


Zoo Keeper: You got the hippo in the hippocrate yet?

Random Bloke: Yessuh.
by The Crateman October 16, 2011
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A container used in the transport of the large animal known as a hippopotamus (not to be confused with an elephant). These hippos are prone to anger and violence, most likely due to their confinement, so the hippocrate must be very sturdy and secure. A variation of the hippocrate appears in the documentary Jurassic Park, but is used to convey velociraptors.
The Philadelphia Zoo went into lockdown when it was discovered that their latest shipment of hippocrates was one hippocrate short.
by Almost Mr. Nguyen February 22, 2009
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A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. Derived from the name of ancient Greek physician-pig, Hippocrates. Often used in conjuction with the words peep or meep or a combination of the two.
James is such a hippocrates.
by hippocratespeepnegroid September 10, 2006
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a person who tells people not to do something, or that this it's is wrong, but this something, is something that he does or will do himself
Lauren is such a hippocrate. She's alaways talking about how its wrong to talk behind people's backs. But she does it herself all the time!
by vanilla rox sox October 15, 2005
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Someone talks trash about other people, but then does the same EXACT thing.

Fucking hippocrates.
Julia isn't friends with Morgan any more because Morgan went out with a guy that Julia had gone out with. Julia cussed Morgan out and started talking trash to Sar about Morgan. Sar is Julia's new friend. Sar went out with Loser. Julia liked Loser. Julia went out with Loser. Sar and Julia aren't friends anymore.
Sar cussed both Loser and Julia out.

Julia did the same EXACT thing that Morgan did. They're both hippocrates. They should have stayed BFFLs.
by that stefi jawn July 17, 2008
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A word used to describe someone like Zuhair Zahin, no one knows the meaning but Andy•PlayZ who made this word.

The word can be spotted in Andy•PlayZ's video "RANT VIDEO ON ZUHAIR ZAHIN" at 0:02
"A f*cking hippocrate who attack every people in me at the zoo, yet saying that I am a hippocryte."

by Riley Nicka September 10, 2020
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