Robert- let's touqe on that hippity nigga
Meicheal-sure thing my slave
by The massive nigger June 10, 2018
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fam, you tryna hit some hippity before goin to class.
by BIG DADDY MOE July 20, 2019
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Before having sex, Rich and Heather were doing the hippity.
by Richinsweet December 8, 2006
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Don't get hippity when I make you work.
by miguel graphics March 16, 2009
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A word Ownage Pranks uses a lot, and it's funny as hell.
OP: Hippity hoppitus!
Indian Scammer: Tikah!
OP: Kappatilly donut!
Indian Scammer: Akay akay!
by urbandictionary dictionary August 7, 2018
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