Sex. Mounting one's loins and humping them.
"Hey Joe, let's do some hip-hop and mount my ass!"
by Dalhusky February 09, 2007
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A type of music using many elmenets of urban culture.It uses part rap and part R&B.Artists such as Eminem and 50 cent perform this type of music,
Eminem is the greatest hip-hop artist alive!
by b to the double o k e June 13, 2005
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This genre of music is the MOST POPULAR with teenagers. Usually boys like this style, although some really cool girls are into it aswell. These types of songs would usually have a really good beat, and be easy to dance to (this is what makes it so awesome). Rap is in this genre aswell.
Some good artists are:

Akon, Chamillionaire, T.I., DJ Khaled, Kanye West, 2Pac and 50 Cent.
Small talk starter: Soo.. What music do you like?
Cool person who likes hip-hop: Oh, i like hip-hop mostly
Small talk person: Oh.. thats cool.

-----Awkward Silence-----
by CALLMELOZ March 26, 2008
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Hip Hop is a popular style of music created by Blacks and Hispanics of US origin originated in the US to the world.
Person 1: Express yourself
Person 2: I'll make a track and you'll see what's on my mind
Person 1: Okay
Person 2: Track ready, welcome to Hip Hop
by PJ2019 December 23, 2019
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A genre of music birthed in the impoverished black American neighborhoods in the US. A violent offshoot of 70s disco, it combines "rapping" (a vocal delivery distinct from actual singing) and pre-programmed music called "beats" (usually created through a drum machine or virtual audio workstation software such as Fruity Loops. The artist on stage is called an "emcee" or rapper while the guy that make the beats is known as a "producer". The greatest hip hop subgenre is "gangsta rap" which arguably produced the most number of classics in the genre.

In hip hop's early stages of evolution, it included three other elements such as break-dancing, graffiti and djing/turntablishm. As hip hop evolved through the decades, it shed these three elements; these cast off shells became separate disciplines and art forms themselves but are still often erroneously associated with hip hop (especially break-dancing or street dance). For example, turntables are now obsolete in most hip hop shows as the emcees rap instead over pre-recorded music, much like a pop singer; DJs though now have the spotlight in most rave and techno shows. Graffiti on the other hand is not really a field restricted to hip hop but is also something that can be found on other music genres such as punk rock or even metal music.
People confuse hip hop with rapping; rapping is just the method of the hip hop artist in delivering a song's message or subject matter.
by 2 Prophetz March 27, 2018
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