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Rap activist, peace advocate, inventor. Born in Tokyo 1975, raised in Tanzania, England, and Japan. Shing02 landed in SF Bay Area in '89 after the quake at the age of 15. After a move to Berkeley for schooling in '93 he became immersed in the local hiphop scene that launched dozens of acts worldwide. Initially he used his art skills to get acquainted with the budding East Bay scene. In '96 Shing02's music made its way back to Japan, then partnered with Mr. Higo of Mary Joy Recordings, garnering tremendous support in his homeland. Now residing in Oakland, he's working on music with his new collective "Freelancers Utd", futuristic Jazz trio "Kosmic Renaissance", and as 1/2 of production crew "The Knocks (of CA)" with Doc Max. He is currently working on a new Japanese LP while collaborating with various artists. (from:
" my vision 20 / 20 / 20
nuff asaid, I can end it right now
but let me get my hit like pow!
freaking heads like oh shit, mouth open like wow
'06 stop pretendin' like u dont know how
god damn it, which god should we ask
can't we all get along, who we?
huh not to say we ever did, but oowey
oh how numb you gotta be to act dumb
when they take a candy away while u sucking your thumb
stuck in a lump of mediocre runners, nope not in my camp
gunners style, league hustle the champ
ooh its getting closer to crunch and faces acting reptile
cold blooded versus warm blooded in erectile
position submission, u wishing u were rather fishing
but the kitchen full of hungry kittens itching for the ditching
get your paper straight before the last leg taper
blast off this planet code hyper" -Shing02
by hiphophealing February 25, 2008
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