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An idiot person that’s dumb and not smart and needs to wear a helmet to school. Likes to scam people on fornite and when he eats he needs to rub the food on his lips first. Also is a janky idiot that’s so dumb and stupid.
Look an idiot. I mean look it’s hino.
by A beast named moe January 29, 2019
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Cumshot.Greek word for male orgasm. Means to cum.
Same word for women too,for their orgasm.
1.Hino my baby.
2.I'm !!!
3.Hino mesa sto mouni. (i'm cumming inside pussy).
by Didim February 05, 2008
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Hipster In Name Only - HINOs are like Hipsters, but only superficially. In Public, they may have beards, wear plaid, be seen in coffee shops, appear to be Vegan, listen to Indie Rock, embrace counter-culture and progressive politics. But in private, they are gluten-eating trust-fund babies, reading People and US Magazine, vote with The Tea Party, hate coffee, subscribe to Sarah Palin's new e-channel, blasting Rihanna and Demi Lovato tracks on their iWatches, and have never missed an episode of "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol". You will also find more Prada and Dolce in their closets, than American Outfitters, LL Bean, and Thrift shop items.
Imagine the disgust on Brody's face when he learned the truth about Jared, everyone favorite hipster. Jared, was nothing more than a HINO, who secretly lived in a Frat House and was a Engineering Major.
by Jaggsokc March 18, 2015
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