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Bunch of faggots who try to fight each other and think they're manly cause they post memes on Facebook. Don't join the group if you want good memes.
"Wow another disappointing meme on himpower, no surprise there.
by jxjxd September 14, 2016
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A (now) zucced Facebook group, that prior to it's disbandment had over 50,000 members. The group in it's later days decided that organizing massive raids (read: libel) against small business owners was a smart course of action. Usually because some whiny skid from B.C. couldn't handle his own shit. The group briefly surfaced again as Christian Biblio Studies, but was zucced when, you guessed it, the group raided a small business because some goofball pussy took his iPhone to a store and wasn't happy about the results. Himpower (and it's derivatives) are all but dead now.
Person: Why aren't you answering your phone?
Dumbass: I fucked it up by taking it to a non-apple store that fucked the warranty
Person: Did you go talk to the store owner?
Dumbass: Naw my dick would need to be over two inches for that, I just begged Himpower to spam them with reviews instead lmao
by Cliffhead May 13, 2018
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A bunch of dumbass retards who just found out what a "meme" is and decided they should steal a few and repost them and beg for likes
by rektnewbs May 07, 2016
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A large organization of men consisting of over 10,000 that communicate with dank memes and raunchy humor. This group originates on Facebook and exists for one reason... to appose everything that their rival group stands for, Inpower. Himpower did in 3 days what took Inpower 3 years to do: reach the milestone of 7,000 members. Since then they have simply dominated the war taking place between the two with a solid (but not quite solid enough) defense against dirty shitsnakes and an everlasting need to be better than THEM.
Hey! I found a shitsnake on Himpower! Everyone grab your plates were havin a roast tonight!
by OldHairyMan December 29, 2015
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