Hilllier, deriving from Juliet as corrected by autocorrect on mobile, is a term used to describe someone who is cheeky and hot and a bit of a c u next tuesday. No off button,a party animal and with an amazing giggle she is really quite addictive.
Aw, cool aid eh, she's a bloney Hillier eh. wish i could get to know her better
by Romey word October 25, 2012
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Jack Hillier is a sexy, former fat cunt, professional pool player and a sex God.
Jack Hillier fucked my cat
by Jack Hillier May 20, 2019
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one of the most wonderful people to ever exist. they're beautiful, funny, and stupid too! (they think sanemi is hot.) they deserve the whole entire world, honestly. <33
i love the way they light up when they talk about their interests, i love the way they grow out their hisoka nails so they can stab someone, i love the way they hug me, i love the way they hate timothy, i love their eyes, i love their smile, i love the way they get so excited when cigarette daydreams comes on, i love the way they hold my hand, i love the way they're able to comfort anyone, even if over text, i love everything about them.

"the adults are talking" by the strokes reminds me of u btw BBOZO/

-your girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣💪💪💪
"oh my god!! guys isn't it kinda homophobic that karlee hillier hasn't gotten me chainsaw man volumes 2 and 3???"
by hisokakys July 14, 2021
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Tod hillier class clown, director, con artist, felon, project manager, chairman, founder of WhatsApp, legal officer, runner up, co founder, employee of the decade, lieutenant, landlord, colonel, brigadier general, major, baron, duke, emperor, chief Human Resources officer, head of polias, current Olympian swimmer, former Vice President of chekzslovakia, owner of the largest watermelon, professional regurgitator, Walmart employee, math wiz, ceo and founder of MUNN, prime minister of Newfoundland, creator of the Mickey Mouse fictional character, father of all..., international super spy, world record holder, professional apple peeler, head f*ckboy, ceo of hydrogen, makes a mean bbq rib, founder of discovery channel, head honcho of the Milky Way, pothead, professional soap opera artist, speedrunner, the man when it comes to that, bridesmaid, best man, groom, Former paranormal entity that haunts white hills academy, destroyer of subway and your toilet and mom, world record breaking speedrunner, crafty lil bitch, owner of a holy fruitcake recipe, entrepreneur, first class hogger, V.I.P, inventor of school, presidential elect of Ukrain 2023
todd hillier offers you some fruitcake
by Brad Sheppard November 24, 2021
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a perfect blond haired young lady who is perfect in every way and is loved very much and people who dont see that are blind bacause she is the most amazing girl every and even though she doesnt know it jenny loves her for who she is although she use to argue alot with her fiends she has made a special connectin and is loved dearly eventhough she doesnt know this it is true !!!!"sian hillier" is amazing and is loved by millions of people although she doesnt think it its the truth!!!! <3
sian hillier jenny friends sian hillier
by jenny nicholson February 26, 2013
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Derived for the English word “Hill” meaning a plate of land that rises and dips, Hillier is a man who go goes above and beyond for anyone. He’ll always be there for you if and when you need him. He’s funny too. But when he plateaus like every human does, you best be there for him or you will regret it!
Jaxson: Did y’all see that boy Hillier? I bet he gets all the women…

Carson: omg he’s one of the best humans I’ve ever seen in every way

Jaxson: I ain’t gay but I’ll agree witchu
by baxon November 24, 2021
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