(literally) daughter of the fucked; female offspring of an unloved, unwed, raped or incestual mother.
Pimp: Donde esta mi dinero, hija de la chingada.
by Barrio Bill March 07, 2008
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Literal Translation: Milkman's son/daughter
Latinx saying for when a kid doesn't look like the father. Normally used to tease parents.
Tu hijo/ hija no se parece como el papa, es hijo/ hija del lechero.
Your son/daughter doesn't look like his father, he's the milk man's son/daughter.
by PhiPhi<3 November 10, 2020
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hijas chooperaaahn 👌
vere level 🔥
hijas ne kandu padikk
make hijas your rolemodel
by great fan of hijas June 02, 2019
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